Tokyo- February 19, 2021 –CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (henceforth “CMIC HOLDINGS”) concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with the 7 municipalities in the Mt. Yotei foothills (Kimobetsu, Kyogoku, Kutchan, Niseko, Makkari, Rankoshi, and Rusutsu), which are under the jurisdiction of the Hokkaido Government Shiribeshi General Subprefectural Bureau, in order to ensure a smooth rollout of COVID-19 vaccination in the region.

Before vaccination began in mid-February, the Japanese government asked all municipalities to prepare and construct vaccination systems. This request requires municipalities to act swiftly to solve challenges such as securing personnel for operations, notifying individual residents (sending medical questionnaires and vaccination coupons), holding consultations on vaccination procedures, and managing post-vaccination health data.

CMIC HOLDINGS has previously concluded a joint research agreement with the town of Rankoshi and Kyoto University to cultivate medicinal plants as raw materials for herbal medicine (March 2020), with the aim of revitalizing the town. With the agreement concluded today, the CMIC Group will use its experience supporting clinical trials and clinical trial facilities in pharmaceutical development as a basis for comprehensively supporting the construction of a vaccination follow-up system (including vaccine administration and coordinating with the 7 municipalities in the agreement), constructing an operational follow-up system aimed at a smooth vaccination rollout, providing support at vaccination sites, handling side effects, and responding to other requests from the municipalities included in the agreement.

■Main roles of the CMIC Group in this agreement

-Operational support related to vaccination in the 7 municipalities in the Mt. Yotei foothills (supporting expert consultation, providing vaccination-related information to the municipalities, etc.)

-Support for smooth management of vaccination sites

-Support for municipalities that require long-term follow-up of side effects, including the introduction of a digital information management system

In implementing these services, CMIC HOLDINGS will also provide post-vaccination and long-term follow-up support with a vaccination management tool using an original digital information management system of the CMIC Group. The introduction of this system will enable cloud-based management of data such as the type of vaccine received (including the product lot) and the date of vaccination for each person who is vaccinated. The CMIC Group is committed to constructing a COVID-19 vaccination system to contribute to a smooth vaccination rollout to all residents of the 7 municipalities in the Mt. Yotei foothills region.



■ Mt. Yotei foothills region
The Mt. Yotei foothills region consists of 7 municipalities (5 towns and 2 villages) surrounding Mt. Yotei, which are under the jurisdiction of the Shiribeshi General Subprefectural Bureau (which consists of 1 city, 13 towns, and 6 villages) in southwestern Hokkaido. The total population of the region is 34,310 (as of the 2015 national census). The area, which is representative of Hokkaido as a whole, not only produces high-quality agricultural products thanks to its abundance of nature but is also home to tourism resources in harmony with nature, such as ski resorts famous for their excellent powder snow, hot springs with abundant sources, and Mt. Yotei spring water.

■About CMIC group
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