Tokyo- February 17, 2021 –CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (henceforth “CMIC HOLDINGS”)  and Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with the aims of strengthening local health systems and health care for residents and entering a new era of health promotion for residents in anticipation of a post-COVID-19 society.

Through this agreement, CMIC will utilize its medical knowledge and experience to build a system for efficiently and steadily implementing COVID-19 vaccination, which is currently a matter in urgent need of attention.

Specifically, to ensure that all residents can receive vaccination safely, securely, and smoothly, Hokuto City and CMIC HOLDINGS will establish a system to collectively manage vaccination status, conduct daily COVID-19 antigen tests for staff involved in the vaccination campaign. Additionally, both parties encourage the public and private sectors to work together to secure transportation for residents—an important issue for Hokuto City , which has the largest area of any city in the prefecture—with the cooperation of community residents, businesses, and bus and taxi companies in the city.

By entering into this agreement, CMIC HOLDINGS and Hokuto City aim to realize the “Hokuto Health Park Initiative” in anticipation of the post-COVID era, so that all city residents can continue to live healthy and vigorous lives. Moreover, by making the best use of the city’s rich natural environment, a further aim is to develop robust collaborative systems for community health care and services to make Hokuto City a leading municipality in health promotion.


■ Main provisions of the comprehensive partnership agreement

  1. Establishing a system to allow city residents to receive COVID-19 vaccinations safely, securely, and smoothly
  2. Developing robust collaborative systems for community health care and services to realize the “Hokuto Health Park Initiative” so that all residents can continue to live their lives in good health.

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