April 25, 2018
3Rock KK

CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.(Head Office: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Representative Director & CEO Kazuo Nakamura, hereafter “CMIC”)and 3Rock KK(Head Office: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Representative Director & President Jeffrey B. Schnack, hereafter “3Rock”)established a new joint venture “C3KK” on April 25th, 2018 to assist the promotion of community-based healthcare.


As Japanese society approaches its super-aging peak, responsibility for care of its citizens is shifting steadily to the local government level. Each prefecture has been required to complete its own grand design for both general community healthcare and integrated elderly community care, and implementation of these plans will bring unprecedented change to the system. The national government is also working to shift the focus of elderly care from a “medical system” to a more robust “healthcare system” in order to improve healthy aging and longevity. The promotion of community-based care will be an important factor in quickly solving the various problems existing in each local area.

New company business

Leveraging CMIC’s strong expertise in research and 3Rock’s highly specialized consulting know-how, C3KK will identify medical challenges unique to each region, and not only suggest solutions, but also create networks of interested stakeholders to carry out activities that bring real change in the healthcare field.
C3KK will first consult with local authorities to clarify their specific healthcare issues in therapeutic areas with a large effect on health and longevity (diabetes, dementia, oncology, osteoporosis, etc,) and determine a set of strategic solutions to those problems. Then in the implementation phase, C3KK will create and engage a consortia of stakeholders (including government agencies, university hospitals, healthcare companies, medical professionals, and civic groups) to assist in supporting those efforts. Importantly, we will also track health-economic outcomes and generate real-world data in order to create best practices that can be shared with other communities. Through C3KK, both CMIC and 3Rock will contribute to creation of a society in which everyone can receive superior healthcare services.

C3KK Overview

Name C3 Kabushiki Kaisha (C3KK)
Representative Director & Chairman Kazuo Nakamura
Representative Director & President Jeffrey B. Schnack
Head Office Hamamatsucho Bldg., Shibaura 1-1-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Incorporation Date April 25th, 2018
Paid-In Capital 30 Million Japanese yen (including capital reserves)
Shareholders CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.(50%), 3Rock KK(50%)
Business Scope 1. Consulting for regional community care systems
Provide advice to local governments and coordination among stakeholders to promote successful regional medical planning and community care system implementation.2. Health care initiative development and project management
Match local governments and their community healthcare challenges with pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, and other related companies to form projects that support regional medical care.

3. Research and analysis related to health data
Identify, extract and analyze healthcare and medical data at community and regional levels in order to better contribute to the promotion of health and healthy aging.

URL https://www.c3hc.com

CMIC Group started business in 1992 as the first CRO in Japan, and the company today provides comprehensive support services for the development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing of pharmaceutical products. Also, the company operates to respond to diversifying needs by managing the Healthcare Business sector and developing and selling diagnostic pharmaceuticals and orphan drugs. CMIC Group has developed a unique business model called Pharmaceutical Value Creator (PVC) based on its abundant accumulated experience and knowledge as a CRO pioneer. CMIC utilizes the PVC to create new value in the healthcare field.
For more information, visit CMIC Group’s website:https://www.cmicgroup.com/e/

【3Rock KK】
3Rock assists client companies in pharmaceuticals, medical device, and healthcare to develop and implement marketing and sales strategies. We proactively adopt new approaches, and working together with our clients to deeply understand the needs of their customers. And while analysis and planning are important, we also make sure to provide ongoing follow-up through project implementation and validation.
For more information, visit 3Rock’s website:http://www.3rockconsulting.com/en/


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