January 14, 2015
Veeva Japan KK

CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (Chairman and CEO: Kazuo Nakamura; Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) (CMIC) has adopted Vault QualityDocs of Veeva Japan (General Manager: Takashi Okamura, Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) (Veeva) as its standard operation procedure (SOP) management platform. The latest cloud technology in the life science industry is used for Vault QualityDocs. CMIC is the leading contract research organization (CRO) in Japan. With the use of cloud-based solution Vault QualityDocs as its platform for the CMIC group-wide SOP creation processes, document creation will be changed from paper-based to electronic processes. This change will not only improve efficiency in the industry, but also provide management with assured compliance to customers.


In-house processes related to clinical trials are managed strictly based on the procedures that are created as the company rules. Creation and management of the operation procedures need to be strictly managed as well. In recent years, many of the SOP creation and management processes have been pointed out as audit targets. Based on this background, it has become urgent to establish a total management process from establishment and documentation of operation standards to in-house training processes.

CMIC adopts Veeva’s Vault QualityDocs

Veeva’s Vault QualityDocs adopted by CMIC this time is being used as a cloud-based electronic SOP management system by many global companies. This product only requires a short time for installation, improving operation quality and document creation efficiency. CMIC has been advancing its global business proactively, and the number of contract clinical trials has been increasing drastically. These factors led CMIC to use Vault QualityDocs in order to install the system at several of their locations, including Japan.

Nobuo Nakamura, CRO Company President of CMIC HOLDINGS, says, “Use of Veeva’s latest cloud solution has allowed compliance of document management to be strengthened in a short time. Both Veeva and CMIC HOLDINGS have been expanding business globally. We hope that we will further cooperate with each other in global businesses.”

Since its establishment in 1992, CMIC has been a leading CRO (Contract Research Organization) in Tokyo, Japan and has expanded its geographical coverage within Asia, including China, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia, the most rapidly growing market in the world. CMIC has global/Asian clinical trial hands-on experience and expertise and can provide clients with the value-added services to support Phase I-IV clinical trials in various therapeutic areas. In addition to monitoring, DM/STAT and project management services, CMIC offers strategic and regulatory affairs consultation that requires strong networking skills with the regulatory authorities, as well as extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements. Our scope of services encompasses such business functions as Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO), Contract Sales Organization (CSO) and Site Management Organization (SMO).
For more details, see the official website : http://www.cmic-holdings.co.jp/e/

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