March 8, 2019
Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, LLC
CMIC CMO Co., Ltd.

CINCINNATI, OH and Minato-ku, Tokyo, March 8, 2019 – Privately held Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, LLC (“Aprecia”) and CMIC CMO Co., LTD (“CMIC CMO”) today announced that both companies will collaborate to develop business opportunities in Japan for Aprecia’s ZipDose® Technology. CMIC CMO’s services will include identifying prospects in Japan, generating awareness and facilitating discussions of technology licensing agreements, research collaborations and distribution partnerships. Through this engagement Aprecia seeks to expand its 3DP products globally, and this agreement highlights the importance of Japan in its long term strategy.

Aprecia is the world’s first and only commercial-stage manufacturer of three-dimensionally printed pharmaceuticals. Its first 3DP innovation, ZipDose® Technology, can accommodate a wide variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulation technologies to create high value products with unique performance characteristics such as rapid disintegration to better meet the needs and solve the problems of patients, caregivers and medical staff across multiple therapeutic categories. Beyond ZipDose® Technology, the company is developing additional applications for its 3DP manufacturing platform as a means to provide breakthrough products in multiple dose forms.

CMIC Group is the first and largest clinical CRO in Japan. Upon years, CMIC Group also expanded to provide comprehensive services in drug formulation development, clinical to commercial GMP manufacturing, clinical site management, regulatory consulting and contract sales.

“Aprecia sees a tremendous opportunity to create value in the Japanese pharmaceutical market through our 3DP technology platform via product license, development, manufacturing, and distribution partnerships with Japanese pharma companies,” said Tim Tracy, Chief Executive Officer of Aprecia. “Entry into the Japanese pharma market requires a comprehensive understanding of the industry, competitive landscape, consumer preferences, market challenges and opportunities, stakeholder relationships, business contacts, etc., etc. As the leading provider of comprehensive pharmaceutical services in Japan, CMIC CMO is uniquely qualified to provide Aprecia with an efficient and effective way to enter the market,” he continued.

“Orally disintegrating tablets have always been very popular in Japan for pharmaceutical companies to maximize the value of both their existing product brands and pipeline product candidates . ZipDose® technology uniquely addresses the need for high dose orally disintegrating tablets to reduce burden on patients who have difficulty swallowing, as well as caregivers and healthcare professionals who seek better ways to improve administration adherence,” said Makoto Matsukawa, Chief Executive Officer of CMIC CMO. “CMIC Group is involved in nearly 80% of new drug development in Japan. With CMIC Group’s industrial experiences, customer network and market understanding, we can help Aprecia to bring the ZipDose® technology to Japanese market faster,” he continued.

About Aprecia

Aprecia, the world leader in three-dimensionally-printed pharmaceutical products, expects to use its ZipDose® Technology to transform the way people take medicine. Its first innovation, ZipDose® Technology can be combined with a wide variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients to create rapidly disintegrating oral dosage forms that are easy to take and easy to administer. Aprecia holds the exclusive worldwide license to the patent estate for pharmaceutical 3DP applications, and plans to license its exclusive patent protected technology to pharmaceutical partners as a means to extend product lines, expand patient reach, and protect market exclusivity for innovator’s brand products.

About CMIC Group

CMIC Group started business in 1992 as the first CRO in Japan, and the company today provides comprehensive support services for the development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing of pharmaceutical products. Also, the company operates to respond to diversifying needs by managing the Healthcare Business sector and developing and selling diagnostic pharmaceuticals and orphan drugs. CMIC Group has developed a unique business model called Pharmaceutical Value Creator (PVC) based on its abundant accumulated experience and knowledge as a CRO pioneer. CMIC Group utilizes the PVC to create new value in the healthcare field.


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