OrphanPacific, Inc. and Immedica Pharma AB announced that on May 2, 2022, both companies signed an exclusive license agreement for the following rights in Japan:

Development, manufacturing and sale of glycerol phenylbutyrate (the brand name in the United States and Europe: Ravicti®) for the treatment of Urea Cycle Disorders (UCD)

Please visit Orphan Pacific’s website to read the full press release: Announcement of exclusive license agreement for development, manufacturing and sale of glycerol phenylbutyrate in Japan


Orphan Pacific was established by CMIC Holdings, a leading contract research organization (CRO) in Japan, and Medipal Holdings, which has more than 300 bases nationwide and develops distribution businesses for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Two companies with abundant achievements in the medical field have teamed up to cover everything from drug development to sales. We have realized the manufacture and sale of orphan drugs through low-cost operations. To learn more about Orphan Pacific, Inc., please visit: https://www.orphanpacific.com/