Basic Policy Concerning Distribution of Profits

Our basic policy is to prioritize distribution of profits to shareholders as one of our key managerial policies and to distribute performance-based dividends while securing retained earnings to improve earnings and strengthen our corporate base. We make steady and stable distributions with a target 30% consolidated payout ratio. Toward stable dividends, our annual dividend is currently set at a minimum of ¥10 per share.

Our intention with internal reserves is to reinforce a corporate culture that can respond to changes in the management environment and utilize the reserves for capital and development investment to achieve sustainable growth.

Our basic policy is to distribute surplus twice a year, as mid-term and term-end dividends.

Year 2016/9 2017/9 2018/9 2019/9 2020/9E
Annual (yen) 16.0 27.5 27.5 32.0 22.0
Interim Dividend(yen) 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0
Year end Dividend (yen) 11.0 22.5※ 22.5 27.0 17.0
Dividend Payout
Ratio (%)
34.0 33.2 34.5 32.3 29.5

※The year end dividend for FY2017 : Ordinary dividend 20.0, Commemorative dividend 2.5(25th anniversary).

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